Every ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ Song Ranked

4. Johanna Reprise – Anthony, Sweeney Todd & Lucy Barker/Beggar Woman

Best Sweeney Todd Songs

While Anthony’s part in this song is still as equally creepy as it was the first time we heard him, Todd’s addition does make the number infinitely better.

Paired with the montage of Todd slaughtering his victims, this song is strangely upbeat. It works very well as a juxtaposition and is one of the most all-encompassing, “most Todd”, songs from the film.

3. My Friends – Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett

Johnny Depp Singing

Speaking of creepy obsessions…

While Todd is singing what can almost be described as a love song to his razor blades, he is oblivious to Mrs. Lovett pining after him in the background. It goes to show that the, like almost all of the other characters in the movei, have unhealthy obsessions.

There’s also the always unforgettable “At last! My arm is complete again!” Todd shouts out boastfully.

2. Pretty Women/Pretty Women Reprise – Sweeney Todd & Judge Turpin

2nd Best Sweeney Todd Song

The anticipation. The build up. The tension!

Just missing out on the number one spot, “Pretty Women/Pretty Women Reprise” was let down by one simple thing: monologuing. Well, maybe not monologuing exactly, but any good villain can tell you that when you have your victim right there in front of you, you don’t take the time to sing a song!

1. A Little Priest – Mrs. Lovett & Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd Best Song

“It’s man devouring man, my dear. And who are we to deny it in here?”

This song is catchy and manages to put a comical spin on something quite sinister – the pair are roaming around and discussing who they could murder to make the best pie – so who are are we to deny it the top spot? It is the most iconic of all of the songs from the film, at least.

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