Bruce Willis Retires

The family of A-List actor Bruce Willis have announced that he shall be retiring from acting at the age of 67 following a recent diagnosis. According to a joint statement, the actor known for his roles in the likes of Die HardTwelve Monkeys and The Sixth Sense has been diagnosed with Aphasia, a cognitive issue known to impact a person’s ability to understand language, both written and verbal.


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Willis is an actor synonymous with the silver screen, his work across a number of action franchises coming to define his legacy. In academic circles, his place at the centre of 1988 actioner Die Hard is considered to be a turning point for Hollywood action heroes as the industry moved from muscle-bound stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone towards a more identifiable form of masculinity. His presence at the forefront of the film, and his status as an (at-the-time) unlikely sex symbol, transformed action movie cinema forever, his balding head and hairy chest welcoming in a revolution of manhood across wider media.

On the small screen, Willis was a two-time Emmy winner, earning awards for his parts in ‘Moonlighting’ (1986) and ‘Friends’ (2000).

Though his career had taken a turn towards straight-to-VoD science fiction films as of late, the actor fronting a number of low budget films including Breach (2020), his late-career performance under the tutelage of M. Night Shyamalan in Glass, and his status as a reliably charismatic action hero, will live strong in the memories of those who experienced him at his best.


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    you have always been one of my favorite actors and I remember you as far back as moon lighting you will be forever in my prayers as I have a long list of people I pray for !!

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