Annice White’s 5 More of the Best Character Introductions in Movie History

3. Tommy Lee
The Dirt (2019)

The Dirt Netflix 2019

Tommy Lee’s introduction in The Dirt pitches you the entire film. It’s ridiculous, it’s crazy, it’s showing off, but unfortunately it’s all real.

Nikki Sixx, through voice over, introduces us to the band and their party philosophy. The first person we meet is Tommy Lee, the drummer. “He makes a lot of bad choices.” Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Motley Crue or Tommy Lee knows this to be the true.

Tommy is pulled away by a girl – it’s important that we see that she asked Tommy, because she is the only woman in the film with any agency. Tommy tells us to check this out because we are “going to freak!” The camera quickly pans away, but we see Tommy begin to perform an intimate act on the woman, which ends in something ridiculous that has to be seen to be believed. All of this plays out, of course, to the sound of Motley Crue’s “Red Hot”. 

4. Guy
The Full Monty (1997)

Full Monty Movie Still

Guy is introduced to the audience in the classic introduction scene. The men are recruiting for members of their stripping team, getting the gang together. Guy is good looking, in that 90s boy band way; he’s clearly the bad boy with a cheeky wink, the Robbie Williams of the group. Guy is the eye candy that will get women into the club. There is only one problem, by his own admission, he can’t sing and he can’t dance. Even so, Guy does have something extraordinary that the others do not. when Gary says ‘What can you do?’ Guy says simply ‘there’s this’, and takes off his trousers. When Gary utters one of the movie’s best lines ‘Gentlemen the lunchbox has landed’, Guy officially becomes a part of the gang.

5. Keanu Reeves
Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Keanu Reeves as Keanu Reeves

Sasha and Marcus are childhood best friends, and when Sasha returns to her hometown to open one of her super fancy restaurants, Marcus realises she has been the one all along. But she has an amazing new boyfriend and they have ‘the most insane freaky ass sex’.

Enter the best boyfriend of all time.

The gang meet at a fancy restaurant and Sasha says ‘Look here he is’, and Keanu Reeves strolls in… in slow motion.

Keanu Reeves as… Keanus Reeves… enters the restaurant in slow motion to “Sail” by Awolnation. Jenny and Marcus react just like we do: ‘Oh my God is that guy Keanu Reeves??‘ Sasha takes a photo of Jenny and Marcus’ reaction, ‘look, you look so shocked’. Reeves continues in slow motion through the restaurant, appearing at Sasha’s side to tell her that he missed her heart and light. Marcus and Jenny look on it shock and awe, just as we do.

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