20 Greatest 21st Century Horror Movies

Raw (2017)

Horror Movie Raw

Director: Julia Ducournau

A vegetarian French student begins her first semester in veterinary school where, due to peer pressure of initiation, she eats raw meat. Afterwards, she understandably feels strange and begins a descent from raw animal meat to human flesh.

This debut film from Ducournau is as gory as it is a fresh take on the cannibalistic narrative and is definitely well worth a watch.

Get Out (2017)

Get Out Deep Horror

Director: Jordan Peele

A trip to meet his girlfriend’s family for the weekend turns from an awkward family meeting to threat for survival as the family, the African American servants and the townspeople are not what they seem.

This debut from Peele is both a commentary on society’s prejudices of race as well as a tense nail biting thriller.

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The Lords of Salem (2013)

The Lords of Salem

Director: Rob Zombie

A radio DJ gets sent a mysterious record from a group called ‘The Lords’ which begin a series of violent flashbacks and gets her invited to The lords of Salem’s next concert, at which the Lords exact their revenge on the town of Salem.

Rob Zombie (in collaboration with his wife Sheri-Moon Zombie) is back with a dive into the legend of Salem and a throwback to the early art house horror years. This is a jarring and unforgettable film.

Demon House (2018)

Demon House Halloween Film

Director: Zak Bagans

Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans buys one of the most haunted houses in Indiana (where a young child was possessed by a demon) and documents the bizarre goings on in an overnight lockdown. This paranormal documentary is a feature length film which explores both the paranormal goings on in the house and the terrifying true story of Latoya Ammons’s three children undergoing hell whilst living in the house, as witnessed by officials.

Demon House is a worthy watch for anyone interested in true paranormal investigations.

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