10 Potential Space Jam 2 Co-Stars for LeBron James

5. Draymond Green

Draymond Green Basketball

After recently signing with LeBron’s representatives at Klutch Sports, Draymond has to be in the movie. He’s one of the most vocal players in the game, with a lot of attitude. He’s also been a defensive star for years and is known for his questionably dirty plays and abundance of technicals. I can see a Monstar taking on his game and persona, and Draymond entertaining us while coming to terms with his sudden loss of talent.

4. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis Basketball

One of the best players in the game right now, and also importantly signed to Klutch, Anthony Davis tried to force a trade to the Lakers, had a secret wine dinner with LeBron when his team played a game in LA, and even has ample time to prepare between the end of the season and the beginning of production with no playoffs…

All of the signs point to The Brow being in Space Jam 2. Just picture a Monstar with a unibrow. It works!

3. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler Basketball Philadelphia

Jimmy starred in a Foot Locker commercial featuring Bugs Bunny and the Monstars. It seems nailed on.

Jimmy is a great player, but is most recently known for making waves to get traded out of Minnesota. If Jimmy weren’t in this commercial I probably wouldn’t have put him on this list, but if Jimmy is anything, it’s entertaining. He also has unique hair that a Monstar could sport to make it instantly recognisable. 

2. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving Basketball

Kyrie starred in the film Uncle Drew, playing the titular elderly baller. Kyrie is also a good friend of LeBron, an incredible player, and the one of two guards to make this list (and they probably have to have one). I can’t think of any reason to not have Kyrie on this list, and he could be number one if there was any inkling he’d be involved.

1. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Detroit Pistons

Blake Griffin is one of the most entertaining basketball players in the world when it comes to off the court matters. He does stand-up comedy, he was in an episode of ‘Broad City’ where he was actually funny, he’s great in interviews, and he was also in the Space Jam Foot Locker commercial. Griffin was an All-Star selection this year, and therefore has talent to steal even though he can’t dunk over a Kia anymore. Blake Griffin should absolutely be in Space Jam 2, and I hope to see him do more on screen when his career is over.

Those Not Receiving Votes: Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony

They may be the remainder of the banana boat crew, but they are no longer good enough to have their talents stolen.

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