10 Best The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Moments

8. I Can’t Carry It For You, but I Can Carry You

If you hadn’t realised by now that the true hero of this whole tale is Samwise Gamgee, then this moment proves it.

Frodo was self-important enough to take the burden of the ring, but without the Fellowship he would have failed many times over. Sam’s tenacity is the reason Frodo is even up the mountain.

Just as it looks like Frodo has succumb to his task, Sam speaks tenderly of the Shire. His burning desire to get home fuels him.

He hauls Frodo into a fireman’s lift and crashes his way through that final hurdle.

7. Aragorn and the Ghost Ship

A man, a dwarf and an elf take the Dimholt Road…. but this is no joke.

Aragorn, finally accepting that he is the true King of Gondor, has persuaded a ghost army to fight on the side of men.

The moment he leaps off the ship and the ghosts follow, the orc ranks crumble. Finally, it looks like the good guys might have this.

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6. Let Him Go, You Filth

Dejected as he is, Sam’s discovery of Gollum’s scattered lambas bread crumbs means he knows Frodo is in danger. Alone, he climbs into the belly of Mordor.

When he finally catches up with Frodo – who once again has found himself in mortal peril – Sam is faced with Shelob. This is not a scene for arachnophobes.

Shelob’s legs, pincers, and mandibles are thick and clacking. Awful. Sam does not act in defence, he willingly runs towards the great beast in an attempt to save his friend, proving he is more than just a gardener and potato-lover.

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