Academy Quiz 2024

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  1. Which edition of the Academy Awards is being held in 2024? (eg. 5th, 23rd, 49th)

A/. 96th

  1. 2024 nominee Martin Scorsese has won one Best Director Oscar. For which film was he awarded? 

A/. The Departed (at the Oscars hosted in 2007)

  1. Name one of the two actors to receive the most Oscar nominations without winning.

A/. Glenn Close (8), Peter O’Toole (8)

  1. The class of Best Picture nominees at the Oscars of 1940 is often cited as being the strongest of all time. Which film won the award?

A/. Gone with the Wind

  1. Only two films have received 14 nominations in Oscars history. Name one of them.

A/. All About Eve (Oscars held in 1951), Titanic (Oscars held in 1998)

  1. Name one of the two films to receive the most nominations without winning a single award.

A/. The Turning Point (Oscars held in 1978), The Color Purple (Oscars held in 1986). Both received 11 nominations without winning. 

  1. Who was the first black woman to win the Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role?

A/. Halle Berry (for Monster’s Ball at the Oscars held in 2002)

  1. Who is the only person to win 3 back-to-back Oscars for cinematography?

A/. Emmanuel Lubezki (at the Oscars held in 2014 (Gravity), 2015 (Birdman), 2016 (The Revenant))

  1. Which country is home to the most International Feature winners?

A/. Italy (14 wins)

  1. Which famous Australian hosted the Oscars in 2009?

A/. Hugh Jackman

  1. How many Oscars categories are there?

A/. 24

  1. Which Elton John song earned the Oscar for Original Song at the Oscars held in 1995?

A/. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (from The Lion King)

  1. How many acting Oscars did the iconic John Wayne win over the course of his career?

A/. 1 (for True Grit at the Oscars held in 1970)

  1. Titanic holds the record for being the highest-grossing Best Picture winner ever, but which film is the only other Best Picture winner to earn more than $1billion?

A/. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (which won at the Oscars held in 2004)

  1. Which television channel has broadcast the Oscars in the United States since 1976?


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