100 Film Challenge

It’s time to relaunch the 100 Film Challenge for 2021.

For those of you who joined in over the past two years, please let us know how you did in the comments below, by tagging us on Instagram using #100FilmChallenge or by tweeting us, and for those who are new to the challenge here is a little background…

We created the 100 Film Challenge as a reminder to take the time to do the things we enjoy when life gets busy – as film fans we may not be able to watch as many as we would really like to – a year goes by and our film watching quota has not been met.

100 may be an ambitious number for some, but when the team here at The Film Magazine embraced the challenge, we found it to be a great motivator for watching more of what makes us laugh, cry and feel everything in between.

Personally, the challenge provided a useful motivator for altering my work/life balance and when I finally got to the golden number, I felt very satisfied. Perhaps the challenge can do something similar for you.

So, now that it’s 2021, let’s hit that refresh button, as once again The Film Magazine is setting the challenge to watch 100 films in one year.

The Guidelines

  • Starting 1st January and ending 31st December 2021, the aim is to watch at least 100 films.
  • These can be films that you have never seen before or ones you have seen countless times.
  • The means through which you access the films does not matter (cinema, DVD, through a streaming service, on TV).
  • Set yourself a challenge within the challenge (challenge inception), perhaps try to watch 100 indie films, 100 films by women, 100 films you have never seen before or those 100 classics that you have always been meaning to watch but never got around to.
  • Watching the same film more than once throughout the challenge does not count as more than one entry. It has to be 100 different films.
  • Document what you watch in some way.
    – in a notebook
    – a spreadsheet
    – via Letterboxd (which also has an app)
  • Give them a rating if you like – we find that doing so builds motivation as you can compare new films to those you’ve already seen.
  • Share with us what you are watching to inspire others or to be inspired.
    – Like our Facebook page where we will be asking for regular updates on what you guys have liked, disliked and what you would recommend. Join in the conversation with us there, on Instagram and on Twitter using hashtag #100FilmChallenge
  • Have fun, discover something new and revisit some old favourites.
  • Let the challenge commence!


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