News Reporter

Vacancy: News Reporter

The Film Magazine is currently on the lookout for an entertainment news reporter to provide regular news updates regarding the film industry.

This non-contracted contributor role would require a candidate who enjoys formulating news stories and/or roundups based upon third party resources and first person research, has an active engagement with film news and criticism, and has the self-discipline needed to dedicate themselves to a regular deadline.

We are currently seeking a passionate writer who can dedicate themselves to the following schedule:

  • News Story Contributions (At Least 1 Article Per 8 Weeks)
    — Articles aligned with our usual News articles (example) that offer unbiased coverage of awards shows, casting, release dates, trailer releases and/or distribution/financing deals.

The ideal candidate would be able to incorporate The Film Magazine’s other content (articles, videos, etc.) into their articles where appropriate and incorporating our larger campaigns on occasion.

The Film Magazine is not interested in posting news based upon rumour or hearsay and looks to avoid publishing about the personal lives of film industry professionals in any manner. The ideal candidate for this role would hold the same values.

The most important attribute potential candidates must hold is a passion and dedication for cinema; we want someone who can go about their work professionally, politely respond to guidance, and most of all become a part of our team.

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, please contact our editor Joseph Wade at the email address below, specifying which role you would like to fill.

Due to The Film Magazine being a not-for-profit brand at this moment in time, we are unable to pay for any services, but we do offer references for job applications, promotion of your personal/professional social media accounts, and feedback from an experienced editor, as outlined on our Vacancies page.

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