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Dead Ringers (1988) Review - David Cronenberg's 1988 psychological horror 'Dead Ringers', starring Jeremy Irons in a dual lead role, is one of the director's richest and most layered films. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
Lisa Frankenstein (2024) Review - Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse star in the uneven horror-romcom 'Lisa Frankenstein', from director Zelda Williams and writer Diablo Cody, a fun and cosmic ride. Review by Margaret Roarty.
Imaginary (2024) Review - There is, ironically, a significant lack of imagination in 2024 Blumhouse horror 'Imaginary', from director Jeff Wadlow. Review by Kieran Judge.
Damsel (2024) Review - Millie Bobby Brown stars in Netflix film 'Damsel' (2024), an unimaginative take on the damsel in distress lacking in meaning or purpose. Review by Margaret Roarty.
Nyad (2023) Review - Annette Bening and Jodie Foster are Academy Award-nominated for their performances in sports film 'Nyad'. a film led by their talent but otherwise lacking quality. Review by Ariana Martinez.
Dune: Part Two (2024) Review - 'Dune: Part Two', starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and more, "feels monumental in the way all blockbusters should", is among cinema's greatest sci-fi films. Review by Margaret Roarty.
Moonlight (2016) Review - Best Picture winner 'Moonlight' (2016) is an experience we all must have, a film as truthful as the skin on your palm. Barry Jenkins directs a rich ensemble. Review by Bella Madge.
Love Lies Bleeding (2024) Review - Rose Glass follows up her exceptional horror film 'Saint Maud' with Kristen Stewart in small-town USA for 'Love Lies Bleeding', the ultimate cult flick. Review by Mark Carnochan.
2024 Oscars Best Picture Nominees Ranked - The nominees for the 96th Academy Awards (Oscars 2024) Best Picture category ranked from worst to best. List includes 'Oppenheimer', 'Barbie', 'The Zone of Interest' and more. Article by Joseph Wade.
The Sound of Music (1965) Review - Acclaimed movie musical 'The Sound of Music' (1965), Robert Wise's Oscars Best Picture winner starring Julie Andrews, is a memorable gem that never loses its staying power. Review by Alannah Purslow.
Rebecca (1940) Review - Alfred Hitchcock's only film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, 'Rebecca' (1940) is not exactly perfect but it's certainly damn close. Review by Kieran Judge.
Nimona (2023) Review - You've never seen anything quite like Netflix's Oscars Animated Feature nominee 'Nimona' (2023), a film that deserves recognition for its own form of greatness. Review by Lamorna Peake.
Every Non-English Language Best Picture Nominee Ranked - Every Best Picture Oscar nominee not in the English language ranked from worst to best. List includes 'Parasite', 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', 'Z' and 'The Zone of Interest'. By Sam Sewell-Peterson.
The Wizard of Oz (1939) Review - 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939) remains an impressive filmmaking achievement almost a century on from its release. Victor Fleming directs Judy Garland in timeless technicolour. Review by Clotilde Chinnici.
Where to Start with Luis Buñuel - A guide on where to begin with the experimental and ever-influential filmmaking of Luis Buñuel, a collaborator of Salvador Dalí who always made films with purpose. Article by Mark Carnochan.
Madame Web (2024) Review - Sony Spider-Man spin-off 'Madame Web', directed by S.J. Clarkson and starring Dakota Johnson, is messy but consistently entertaining. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
In the Heat of the Night (1967) Review - Trailblazing Oscars Best Picture winner 'In the Heat of the Night' (1967) starring Sidney Poitier feels tame by today's standards, but still shines a spotlight on inequality. Review by Martha Lane.
10 Best Popeye Moments - The 10 best moments from 'Popeye' (1980), Disney's first live-action film and the debut feature role of Robin Williams. Robert Altman directs food fights and more. List by Holly Carter.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) Review - 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' (1975), from director Miloš Forman and starring Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher, won the Big Five Oscars. It is immortal. Review by Kieran Judge.
STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie (2023) Review - BAFTA-nominated documentary 'STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie' (2023) is the story of the 'Back to the Future' star's life in his own words. A film that provides some life lessons. Review by Rob Jones.

10 Best Ways the Movies Say I Love You - Movies say love in big and small ways, through rain-soaked chases across town and poetic declarations of love, here are the 10 best ways they say "I love you". Article by Margaret Roarty.
Titanic (1997) Review - James Cameron's blockbuster romance 'Titanic' (1997) was a cultural phenomenon and impossible to ignore, and remains a testament to what movies can do: make us feel. Review by Margaret Roarty.
The Iron Claw (2023) Review - Writer-director Sean Durkin presents the tragic true story of the Von Erich professional wrestling family that is guaranteed to make you cry. Zac Efron stars. Review by Joseph Wade.
Perfect Days (2023) Review - Wim Wenders directs Cannes Best Actor winner Koji Yakuso in 'Perfect Days' (2023), a philosophical celebration of the everyman. Review by Gala Woolley.
10 Best Portrait of a Lady on Fire Moments - The best moments from Céline Sciamma's acclaimed 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' (2019), a slow burn of repressed desire, passion and love. Written by Martha Lane.
Chasing the Present in ‘Before Sunset’ - Richard Linklater's middle entry into his Before Trilogy, 'Before Sunset' (2004) is about attempting to live in the present. Here's how it achieves that. Essay by Kyra Lieberman.
The Academy Has Failed Animation (Again) - The medium of animation is snubbed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences every Oscars season. In 2024, animated film has been failed again. Essay by Munir Abedrabbo C.
Raging Bull (1980) Review - The imagery, style, and performances work in concert to great effect in Martin Scorsese's 'Raging Bull' (1980), assuredly one of the director's best films. Review by Jacob Davis.
Alexander Payne Films Ranked - All 8 feature films from acclaimed filmmaker Alexander Payne ranked, from 'Citizen Ruth' to 'The Holdovers' via 'Election', 'About Schmidt' and 'Nebraska'. Article by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
Society of the Snow (2023) Review - 'Society of the Snow' (2023), the Oscar-nominated Netflix Original from J.A. Bayona based on a true story of survival, is an unforgettable film about humanity. Review by Kyra Lieberman.
‘Blazing Saddles’ at 50 – Review - It's still OK to laugh at Mel Brooks' Western spoof comedy 'Blazing Saddles' starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder, even 50 years on from its release. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
The Transformative Impact of Teachers on the Protagonists of 21st Century Coming-Of-Age Films - Mr Hunnam's impact on his student Angus Tully in 'The Holdovers' is just one of a number of examples of teachers acting as key guiding figures in coming-of-age film. Essay by Cat Searcey.
The Color Purple (2023) Review - Blitz Bazawule's Oscar-nominated 'The Color Purple' is a fresh take on a timeless story, a fitting adaptation of the stage musical. Fantasia Barrino stars. Review by Clotilde Chinnici.
Argylle (2024) Review - Matthew Vaughn's 'Argylle' (2024) is a vaguely entertaining exercise in over-self-indulgence that has some likeable qualities but is massively stretched out. Review by Kieran Judge.
The Zone of Interest (2023) Review - Are you sitting comfortably? Jonathan Glazer's Auschwitz film 'The Zone of Interest' (2023) is cold, horrifying cinema; a movie of the decade. Review by Joseph Wade.
Rye Lane (2023) Review - Raine Allen-Miller's BAFTA-nominated British romcom 'Rye Lane' is as busy and vibrant as London itself, 'Love Actually' in Peckham. Review by Rob Jones.
Best Animated Feature Oscar Winners Ranked - Every Oscars Best Animated Feature winner ranked. List includes 'Shrek', 'Spider-Verse', 'Spirited Away', 'Frozen' and 'Encanto'. By Sam Sewell-Peterson.
American Fiction (2023) Review - Cord Jefferson's Oscars Best Picture nominee 'American Fiction' (2023) is an effective cultural and interpersonal story about identity, grief, love, and voice. Review by Emi Grant.
Anatomy of a Fall (2023) Review - Justine Triet's Oscar-nominated, Cannes Palme d'Or winner 'Anatomy of a Fall' features one of the great performances of 2023 from Sandra Hüller as a woman on trial for murder. Review by Joseph Wade.
All of Us Strangers (2023) Review - 'All of Us Strangers' (2023) is leaving viewers in floods of tears, Andrew Haigh and actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal offering a devastating new love story. Review by Mark Carnochan.