July 2023 Movie Quiz Answers

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  1. Ahead of the release of ‘Barbie’, how many films has Greta Gerwig directed solo? 

A/. 2 (Lady Bird in 2017, Little Women in 2019 – she co-directed Nights and Weekends in 2008.)

  1. Before being nominated for an Oscar at the age of 23 for her lead performance in ‘Lady Bird’, how many times had Saoirse Ronan been nominated?

A/. 2 (Atonement in 2008, Brooklyn in 2016.)

  1. ‘Barbie’ lead Margot Robbie was born in which country? 

A/. Australia

  1. Will Ferrell is set to feature in the 2023 ‘Barbie’ movie, but in which other movie based on a toy did he star? 

A/. The LEGO Movie (He played President Business)

  1. ‘Barbie’ co-writer Noah Baumbach was nominated for an Oscar for his screenwriting on which movie? 

A/. Marriage Story (2019)

  1. In ‘Back to the Future’, what speed does the Deloreon have to reach to travel through time?

A/. 88 miles per hour

  1. Which film features the songs “My Guy (My God)” and “I Will Follow Him”?

A/. Sister Act (1992)

  1. In ‘Finding Nemo’, how many white stripes does Nemo have? 

A/. 3

  1. Which British actor played the villain in both ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ and ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’? 

A/. Sean Harris (he played Solomon Lane)

  1. In ‘Mean Girls’ (2004), what is the Principal’s last name? 

A/. Duvall (Principle Duvall)

  1. Ahead of the release of ‘Oppenheimer’, how many feature films has Christopher Nolan directed? 

A/. 11

  1. ‘Oppenheimer’ cast member Josh Hartnett starred in which WWII movie released in 2001? 

A/. Pearl Harbor

  1. Florence Pugh was nominated for an Oscar for her role in which movie? 

A/. Little Women (2019)

  1. The score for ‘Oppenheimer’ has been composed by which famous composer? 

A/. Ludwig Goransson 

  1. Which member of the ‘Oppenheimer’ cast was a featured member of the Nickelodeon show ‘Drake and Josh’? 

A/. Josh Peck

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