Film Guides

Beginner’s Guide to Film Stock vs Digital - What is film stock? How does celluloid compare to digital film? Which looks better? The film stock vs digital debate is broken down in this beginner's guide. Written by Grace Britten.
Where to Start with Wong Kar-Wai - Wong Kar-Wai is one of the most instantly recognisable filmmakers to come out of East Asia, and has had a profound impact on global cinema. Here's where to start. Guide by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
Greta Gerwig: The Essential Collection - From 'Nights and Weekends' to 'Frances Ha' to 'Lady Bird', this is the essential collection of Greta Gerwig movies to help you understand this great filmmaker. Article by Joseph Wade.
Shelley Duvall: 3 Career-Defining Performances - Shelley Duvall had a silver screen career defined by her unforgettable portrayals. Here are Shelley Duvall's 3 Career-Defining Performances. Article by Holly Carter.
Where to Start with Sidney Lumet - Sidney Lumet was one of American cinema's most prolific and celebrated filmmakers, an actor's director. Here is where to start with Sidney Lumet. Article by Margaret Roarty.
Where to Start with Lucio Fulci - Where to start with the iconic filmography of horror extraordinaire and giallo specialist Lucio Fulci, the filmmaker behind films such as 'City of the Living Dead'. Article by Grace Britten.
Pam Grier: 3 Career-Defining Performances - Screen icon and blaxploitation legend Pam Grier has established an unmissable career. Here are her 3 career-defining performances. Article by Grace Britten.
Where to Start With Orson Welles - Orson Welles was hailed a filmmaking genius from the beginning of his career and had one of Hollywood's most interesting careers. This is a guide on Where to Start with Orson Welles. By George Taylor.

Jack Nicholson: 3 Career-Defining Performances - Jack Nicholson is one of Hollywood's greatest actors. He fills the screen with spirit, passion and audacious intensity. Here are his 3 career-defining performances. Article by Grace Britten.
Tim Curry: 3 Career-Defining Performances - The three career-defining big screen performances of cult cinema icon Tim Curry. Listed in order of release. Article by Grace Britten.