The Film Magazine supports independent film, and as such we’re always looking for new projects (short and feature-length) to champion.

If you’d like your work to be highlighted by The Film Magazine, please check the details under the appropriate sub-heading below…

Submit Your Film for Review

In order to be considered for coverage, all films submitted for review must include the following:

  • A link to a full version of the film (or promise of one upon acceptance).
  • Details on cast and crew.
  • A promotional summary of the film and its intention/s.
  • Links to usable promotional images (poster, screengrabs, etc.).
  • Links to the official movie/production company’s website/social media links/crowd funding campaign address.

Please note: emails with large files will be less likely to receive a response. Links to material/s are preferred, though condensed files/zip files will also be accepted.

Our Promise To You

If your film is selected for coverage, we can ensure you that…

  • The film will be reviewed by a member of our team highly qualified in film analysis/coverage.
  • A review of said film will be published and promoted within 2 weeks of your film’s acceptance.
  • The promotion of said review will be targeted to over 10,000 social media followers.
  • The review will feature prominently on our website’s homepage under the “reviews” tab.
  • The finished article will include links to any websites/social media accounts linked to the film/its production company.
  • Any official social media accounts will be tagged in the promotion of the review on Facebook and/or Twitter.

We will never publish any film submitted to us in any of our coverage unless given permission to do so. If you’d like your film to be linked in our review, please let us know.

For examples of short film reviews click here.

For examples of feature length film reviews click here.

All submissions of films to be reviewed should be sent to our editor directly at:

Request An Interview

If you’re a filmmaker (director, producer, costume designer, actor, etc.) and would like to be interviewed by The Film Magazine, we encourage you to get in touch.

Things to include when contacting us:

  • Your name.
  • What (if anything) you’re promoting.
  • A list of credits and/or information on your history within the industry.
    – We do accept interview requests from first time filmmakers, but please be clear in your email.
  • Links or attachments of images for us to use in our prospective article.
  • Contact details.
    – Not only for yourself, but for any production company/agent/agency/festival/organisation you may represent.
  • 5 topics of interest/relevance we could ask you about.

How It Works

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all interviews will be conducted via email.

If there is a necessity to conduct the interview in person/via Skype, please let us know in your first email.

For examples of previous interviews, click here.

All interview requests should be sent to our editor directly at:

Submitting A Press Release

For information on how to submit a press release, please visit our Press Release page.

Article Submissions

If you have an article you’d like to be featured on, please visit our Pitch Your Article page.

For general enquiries, please use the contact form below: