‘Venom’ Movie To Be Made By Sony

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Sony are to make a stand alone ‘Venom’ movie that shall be introduced as a separate entity to their Marvel property ‘Spider-Man’. It is expected to be the launch of a new franchise.

Venom's last movie outing was in 'Spider-Man 3', as played by Topher Grace.
Venom’s last movie outing was in ‘Spider-Man 3’, as played by Topher Grace.

Sony have hired Spider-Man overseers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach to produce the movie and oversee the project, with Dante Harper, a relatively inexperienced writer whose previous work includes rewrites to ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (2014) and a joint project writing ‘Sleepless Night’ (2016), set to write the script.

Venom was introduced to the ‘Spider-Man’ universe in 1988 and was used in a manner that frustrated fans of the comic books in Sam Raimi’s 3rd installment of the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise.

As of this moment there are no names linked to direct or star in the movie.

Source: THR

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