“Trapped Magic” Trailer Review (2015)

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again, so let’s dig out the movies. No!.. put away your slasher flicks. Let’s settle down to a nice fish-out-water tale of modern day witches.

“And because of people’s fear, because of their pitiful naiveté, I was given my fate, to burn at the stake, ALIVE!” Oooh intense. Who is she? Misunderstood soul or haughty misanthropist? What is this? Some modern day allegory of prejudice, or Twilight with witches?

Whatever it is, the trailer seems fit to burst but holds back enough, resulting in myself being snared. Seems like a quick, fun-actioned film with charming settings (ooh everyone loves a forest), and is hopefully packed with tonnes of B-movie special effects, PLEASE LET SOMEONE BE TURNED INTO A FROG!

Also these goofy witches are far more the staple of a good Halloween season movie than a bunch of knife-wielding psychopaths. They’re far more cosy as an accompaniment to your pumpkin spice latte. Idea of normal and thoroughly modern women being in secret covens might seem clichéd but that’s because it such an enduringly popular theme: Roald Dahl’s “The Witches”, “World’s Worst Witch”, “Practical Magic” and even “Harry Potter”.

Finally, Trapped Magic seems to be all together something new. Is the witch the villain? We are left guessing by the trailer. Is she being hunted or is she actually the predator? I’m stumped and definitely want to find out more. With the hearty helpings of fun, this movie gives the impression that it can pack a punch. I have a feeling all involved feel very smug as if they still have a trick up their sleeve.

Trapped Magic is set to be entered into the Watersprite Film Festival in the new year.

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