They Came Together (2014) Flash Review

They Came Together
Director: David Wain
Starring: Amy Poehler; Paul Rudd; Bill Hader; Ellie Kemper; Cobie Smulders; Max Greenfield.
Plot: A small business owner is about to lose her shop to a major corporate development.

They Came Together is a complete throwaway of a movie, but one that’ll make you chuckle at the obscene nature of it’s spoofing of the rom-com genre.

If you can’t tell by the banner above, They Came Together is an entirely self-conscious and over-the-top spoof of the typical New York rom-com, with a runaway bride and all. Because of this, there are a few laugh out loud moments. But, when trying to keep company with some of the all-time self-conscious spoofs like Wayne’s World, They Came Together lacks the heart it needs to truly take us on a journey, and is therefore nothing more than an 85 minutes you could’ve spent doing something else.

One of the major issues with the script is that it is so busy spoofing, that it feels more like a series of Saturday Night Live sketches stitched together into a loop (cast and all), than a film about anything at all. It doesn’t critique the genre, just makes fun of it. It also fails to encourage any sort of emotional connection to the two leads, Poehler and Rudd; a pair of actors who are usually excellent at gaining audience’s attention and investment.

Finally, They Came Together just isn’t that funny, which is a real shame because this was obviously one of the more high-end spoof movies, especially in recent times. So overall, it’s not that great and a complete throwaway of a film, but something you could enjoy as a passive viewer, or while sat with friends.

Verdict: 7/24

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