The Square (2013) Flash Review

Al Midan (2013)
Director: Jehane Noujaim
Starring: Ahmed Hassan; Khalid Abdalla.

Every once in a while someone will be brave enough to film the unfilmable. In doing so they will bring truth to the world regarding the reality of an extraordinary circumstance or situation. In the case of Al Midan, the truth of the revolutionary in the Egyptian revolution of 2011 (and beyond) was recorded and presented in an absolutely outstanding documentary feature that really delved into the personal and universal struggles against the oppressive regime of President Mubarak and the subsequent military controlling power.

What The Square has done is present the truth of a situation to the world as the only film of its type and the only one from the ‘horses mouth’ so-to-speak. In doing so, the filmmakers have managed to present a story largely unresolved and, in parts, so horrifying that there are no words to explain the ways in which it will move you.

In short, this movie is a fantastically insightful and moving feature that will show you something you will never see elsewhere, ever again. Perhaps most importantly, The Square delivered the message of one of the 21st century’s greatest struggles and presented something much more universal in doing so; the question of what oppression truly is and what constitutes as freedom.

“The revolutionaries who toppled the regime have died, been injured, or gone to prison. And with no constitution, they want to hold elections stainedby revolutionary blood, supervised by those who killed the revolutionaries. And there are two ballot boxes. One for the killers and one for the traitors.”

This picture was truly fantastic and a must watch for anyone wanting to know more about the situation, fans of the genre, or information sponges. Watch it… Now!



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