Sebastiano Riso a Victim of Homophobic Assault

Noted Italian director Sebastiano Riso was the victim of a homophobic assault in his home city of Rome on Monday 2nd October.

Sebastiano Riso Homophobic Assault

The filmmaker released the following statement on Tuesday:

“Yesterday I was hit three times, and I feel it is a threefold attack [against me]: as a homosexual, as a director and as a person. As a homosexual because, while I was being hit, they addressed me with homophobic insults. As a director because the insults referred to the themes I deal with in my latest film, such as the possibility for gay couples to form their own family, and because the violence was perpetrated against my inclination to express myself through my work. Despite the fear and rage that I still feel…I am sure I will continue to [express myself in the] the same way and even more than before.”

The attack corresponds with the release of the director’s new film, A Family, which was released on Friday 29th September and tells the tale of a heterosexual couple whom offer themselves as surrogates to homosexual couples.

It is believed that Riso suffered multiple stomach and eye injuries following three shots to the head and abdomen, and may have to remain in a Rome hospital for upto 10 days.

A Family tackles a topic of debate in the nation of Italy right now, with same sex couples currently outlawed from raising families or getting married, and it is believed that the noteworthy film is the root of the motive behind these attacks.

Source: Variety


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