‘Rambo: New Blood’ Movie Announced

Nu Image and Millennium Films are developing a reboot of the Silvester Stallone starring 1980s action-thriller series Rambo titled ‘Rambo: New Blood’.

Rambo: New Blood Promo Image

The movie, which will not feature its predecessors’ leading man, will look to begin a franchise that will cast the character as significantly younger than when he was last seen on screen in 2008 (aged 62) and will initiate a passing on of the character from generation to generation in much the same way as happens in the James Bond movies.

Brooks McLaren, a currently uncredited screenwriter who was on Hollywood’s 2010 Black List and has written the screenplay for Line of Sight, a thriller being developed for Warner Bros by Ben Affleck, has been tasked with writing the reboot, while The Iceman (2012) and Criminal (2016) director Ariel Vroman is set to direct.

Though little is known about the reboot at this point, it is expected that the movies will remain a part of the action-thriller genre and the Rambo character will remain a product of the Vietnam war.

Source: THR

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