“Gender Bias at All Levels” in Film Industry Says European Human Rights Body

The Council of Europe has issued its first ever pan-European recommendation to promote gender equality within the European film industry, describing the current landscape as having “conscious and unconscious gender bias at all levels”.

The council, which is based in Strasbourg, France and is tasked with upholding human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe, developed the recommendation alongside a wide range of international experts from funds and broadcasters, concluding that there is “unequal funding for audiovisual content among women and men”. The council hope that their recommendation to European governments and corporations will highlight the “problems inherent in the [film] industry from a gender perspective”.

The council’s recommendation also called for “practical solutions” to the issue, and while the recommendation is by no means legally binding, the council hopes that it will create “political pressure on governments and corporations to shift their practices”.

A representative of Europe’s co-production fund, Eurimages, told The Hollywood Reporter the following:

“We’re delighted the 47 member states of the Council of Europe have adopted the recommendation on gender equality in the audiovisual sector, which is packed full of useful ideas to tackle gender inequality, including monitoring mechanisms, performance indicators and useful links. It also has detailed strategies that member states can use to address and counter gender inequality directly.”

Source: THR


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