Doctor Doom Movie Being Developed by Noah Hawley

A Doctor Doom centred spin-off to Twentieth Century Fox’s Fantastic Four franchise has been announced via ‘Legion’ creator Noah Hawley at San Diego Comic Con.

Speaking at a panel regarding his hit TV show, which itself is a Fox-based X-Men property, Hawley said “two words. Doctor. Doom.”

Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four; 2015), Noah Hawley
Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four; 2015), Noah Hawley

The Hollywood Reporter have since learned that that Hawley will be involved in the project from the ground up with one eye on the director’s chair, confirming rumours that Fox were looking to tackle their failed Fantastic Four franchise from other angles following the box office bomb and PR nightmare that was their 2015 release.

Doctor Doom, known as Victor Von Doom, is a scientific genius and is typically portrayed as the totalitarian ruler of fictional European country Latveria. In Fantastic Four (2015), he was presented as a genius science lab technician who couldn’t play well with others and was performed by Toby Kebbell.

There have been rumours regarding the possibility of Fox also presenting a story regarding the son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl, Franklin Richards, though this has yet to be confirmed.


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