Bruce Willis Departs Next Woody Allen Film

The rumour mill has been on overload over the past 24 hours as megastar Bruce Willis was announced to have departed Woody Allen’s latest and yet to be titled feature after a day of filming, citing ‘a conflict with prior commitments’.

The official line from Willis’ people is that the actor had a scheduling conflict with his role in the Broadway stage adaptation of Stephen King’s “Misery”, and therefore couldn’t fulfill his commitment to Allen. However, as Jacob Hall of Screen Crush so adequately put it: “You don’t begin work on a movie knowing that you have to report to another gig in the middle of filming. Willis’ camp isn’t dumb – they didn’t double book one of the most famous actors in the industry.”

This has, of course, sparked wild rumours regarding the possible truth behind the pre-packaged explanations for the star’s departure, with The Wrap’s Jeff Schneider taking to Twitter to let a fellow user know “he [Willis] got fired”.

While the likelihood remains that Willis’ high-profile departure is just another of Allen’s late recasting decisions based around the star’s suitability for the role, the seemingly thin veil Willis’ PR team have used to cover the departure seems to have only ignited those preying on something more.

Source: Deadline

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