Benicio Del Toro To Star In New ‘Predator’ Film

Deadline are reporting that Benicio Del Toro is currently in talks to star in Twentieth Century Fox’s reboot of the ‘Predator’ franchise.

Benicio Del Toro in 'Sicario' (2015).
Benicio Del Toro in ‘Sicario’ (2015).

Though it is unclear whether Del Toro will play a leading or supporting role in the movie, Predator could be the latest sci-fi universe the Puerto Rico born actor has joined in recent years following his inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Collector (Guardians of the Galaxy – 2014) and his yet to be revealed role in Star Wars Episode VIII.

The Predator reboot is something Fox have placed a lot of time, energy and finance into, hiring Shane Black (The Nice Guys – 2016) to write and direct the movie. Black, who had some say on the script of the original movie in 1987 – even appearing in the finished film – revealed in a Q&A with Empire Magazine in May that his movie would be “an attempt to ‘event-ise’ the Predator again. An attempt to make it more mysterious. The Predator has been so overdone. Every couple of years, there’s a knock-off churned out. Very low budget with a guaranteed return.”

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