Short Film Review: Becoming Undead II (2013)

Becoming Undead II (2013)
Director: Ron Purtee
Screenwriter: Ron Purtee
Starring: Krystle Street

Ron Purtee’s Becoming Undead II begins with a lilting soundtrack – reminiscent of the infamous video that did the rounds in the early 2010s featuring a serene soundtrack coupled with a car driving through the mountains and then BAM! a zombie jumps out at the screen. Much the same happens in Purtee’s film – the serene snow, the wind chimes, the peaceful score (influenced possibly by the final scene in Carrie) and then BAM! a zombie stands bleeding in the snow.

Interspersed with the zombie outside the house, bathed in the bright light of the snowy day and attempting to come in, is the same woman pre-zombie form, smothered in shadow and darkness, making her way to the shuttered windows. The film is clearly a metaphor – it lasts only 2:48 minutes, so it has little time to be anything else. The desperation of the character/s are felt through Krystle Street’s performance and it does leave the viewer wondering what might happen next. Importantly, the film throws up more questions than answers, which is the goal in the medium of short film.

The ghoulish make-up on the zombie looks less George Romero and more Mrs Romero, the woman who does the face painting at the school jamboree. However, the message comes across through the zombie’s erratic clawing at the French doors. The film was made in 2013 – and the advances in HD filming are fairly noticeable. However, the poetry of the piece is only improved through the slightly grainy looking film.


You can watch Becoming Undead II at the following link: YouTube


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