‘Ascendant’ Budget To Be Slashed

Following a poor showing at the box office for The Divergent Series’ third installment, Allegiant, a source placed close to the production has leaked the news that Lionsgate will be cutting the budget of the franchise’s final installment.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant made an estimated $29.1million at the North American Box Office this past weekend and a lot has been made of how that figure is only 56% of last year’s installment Insurgent. This is a sizable issue for Lionsgate who had expected the franchise to reach figures nearing that of their previous young-adult fantasy dramas Twilight and The Hunger Games.

The financial disappointment was hardly better in international markets where Allegiant made $54million in total.

The $83million opening weekend is far from enough of a significant flop to deem the franchise unworthy of completion, but following a number of high profile financial failures, Lionsgate are reducing the risk in distributing the final installment by cutting the finances on production.

Source: THR

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