A Long Way Down (2014) Flash Review

A Long Way Down
Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Starring: Pierce Brosnan; Toni Collette; Imogen Poots; Aaron Paul.
Plot: Four people meet on New Year’s Eve and form a surrogate family to help one another weather the difficulties of their lives.

A Long Way Down (2014) is the latest in a string of film adaptations of Nick Hornby novels that have previously produced the likes of High Fidelity (2000) and About A Boy (2002). So, with a number of good character driven pieces already produced, it was to be expected that this would be of the same quality. Thankfully, it was.

With some really good performances by the all-star cast, not least Toni Collette and Imogen Poots who were outstanding, this piece about suicide and the obvious mental health issues that surround it, was darkly humoured but also very moving. What this picture did well, and the actors helped to deliver so efficiently, was the bringing down of the comedic aspects to the harsh reality of the subject matter with little to no apology. It was refreshing to see this being tackled and presented in such a manner.

Imogen Poots’ naturalistic performances was somewhat of a film-stealing one, with her bad mouthed and poorly mannered demeanor being entirely fantastic. Aaron Paul didn’t hold any punches either as the more ambiguous of the group, with a dark secret that keeps attention throughout. Brosnan and Collette were both fantastic too, though, and their performances shouldn’t be overlooked. All of this wrapped inside a well put together story that confronted some less-popular contemporary topics of conversation made for an ultimately interesting watch with some really great photography thrown in.

Verdict: 17/24

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