3rd ‘Tron’ Movie May Star Jared Leto

Disney pulled the plug on a TRON: Legacy sequel in 2015 after a stop-start developmental process, but are reportedly bringing the franchise back in a new guise with Suicide Squad star and Oscar winning actor Jared Leto their choice of lead.

Jared Leto Tron 3
Jared Leto pictured at the 2016 Academy Awards | YouTube

The proposed third film is still far from confirmed and is yet to have acquired a writer, but the movie would be produced by Leto himself as well as his producing partner Emma Ludbrook and Legacy’s co-producer Justin Springer, with the core story moments from the original pitch for the third movie working as a base outline for whomever is brought in to script the film.

Both TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy (2010) struggled to surpass their original budgets at the Box Office, but earned a lot of money in subsequent home releases with TRON long being considered a cult classic.

Jared Leto was recently confirmed as the director for an upcoming Paramount project titled ’77’ and was most recently seen in Suicide Squad last summer.

Source: THR


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