10 of the Most Underrated Horror Movies of All Time

9. Return to Horror High (1987)

Similar to other stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Anniston, two-time winner of People Magazine’s ‘sexiest man alive’ award George Clooney had to start in low budget horror flicks – his being Return to Horror High in 1987. Despite the film being most commonly referred to as “George Clooney’s first film” due to the mass fame he would acquire in the decades that followed, Clooney is not all that Return to Horror High has going for it.

Although a slasher film released in 1987 may not sound incredibly unique, the film actually spoofs the very genre which it partakes in, and is one of the best examples of a horror movie spoof. This film makes fun of not only the slasher genre but many other horror sub-genres and even the stereotypes of film crews themselves, the latter offering examples such as: the writer who just wants his scenes to make it into the movie; the over the top star with high demand; the schlock film producer who just wants some T&A, and; the director who wants to retain some art in his debut – shown spectacularly through one of the greatest lines ever put to paper… “There will be no exploding tit shot!”.

Although it may get a little carried away with a triple twist climax, Return to Horror High has a lot to offer throughout; an engaging horror story surrounded by hilarious antics, it is a fun movie all around and a hidden gem of 80s horror.

10. The Changeling (1980)

Often mistaken for a Clint Eastwood movie, The Changeling is as underrated as it gets. Although critically acclaimed and having done reasonably well at the box office, the film received only two home media releases (on LaserDisc in 1982 and DVD in 2000) up until independent distributor Severin Films released a special edition Blu-Ray in 2018 that allowed for some minor attention.

The film follows esteemed composer John Russell who has relocated to Seattle in an attempt to move on after the death of both his wife and daughter, the spooky premise coming from how everything in his new home is not quite as it seems.

Although not every aspect of the movie has aged well, the excellent directing from Peter Medak ensures that almost all of these issues don’t take the audience out of the film, building tension masterfully and paying off the film’s mystique wonderfully.

Whilst Supernatural films have arguably become oversaturated in recent years with both The Conjuring and Paranormal Activity becoming franchises with regular releases, The Changeling still holds up as one of the best. This is a film that truly deserves to be seen by every fan of the genre.

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