10 Best The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers Moments

5. The Elves Arrive

The head count is low at Helm’s Deep, and even Théoden’s confidence in his battlements is fading. The rain scythes the night and moods are lower than a lady dwarf’s beard. In the distance a horn can be heard, and it is no orc horn.

Haldir (Craig Parker) and the Lórien elves have arrived. They march in step in simple yet effective costumes with bows that are definitely overcompensating for something. They look incredible. And most importantly, they are ready to fight.

4. Gimli and Legolas Compete

Like all of the films in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers doesn’t shy away from humour. Even in the midst of battle.

The odd couple friendship of Legolas and Gimli is now firmly cemented, and the pair are great at buoying each other’s spirits in the face of almost certain death. And a little competition never hurt anyone.

The audience watches beheadings, axes to the spinal cord, and arrows through the eyes, all followed by a cheeky body count as dwarf and elf keep score of the Uruks they slay.

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3. Nobody Tosses a Dwarf

This moment is a call back to the first film, and is illustrative of Gimli’s growth.

He puts aside his dwarfish mulishness and admits for him to be a team player he will need to be tossed across the gap so he can fight the oncoming Uruks.

It’s a moment along the same lines as Aragorn shouting ‘then I shall die as one of them’, proving the Fellowship’s loyalty to the cause, but this one pips it as we already knew Aragorn was noble. This quip proves Gimli is just as honourable, while also adding levity.

Just don’t tell the elf.

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